For countries wanting to join the EU: think again

eu-flag-tornCountries aspiring to join the EU should think carefully if this is the kind of union they want to be part of:

Helmut Kohl: I acted like a dictator to bring in the euro

Corruption costs European economy 120 billion euros a year

EU commissioner admits 75-80% of national laws come from EU and are translated

Leveson: EU wants power to sack journalists

EU Counter-Terrorism Chief Wants Power to ‘Remove Undesirable Websites’ from Internet

European political parties to get legal status, must abide by EU values

‘Greeks know 80% of bailout money goes to German & French banks’

Greek police ban protests during EU meetings in Athens

Dutch say ‘devastating no’ to EU constitution (2005!)

‘This time around, European leaders have ensured that the new treaty has not been put before citizens in referenda’

So, countries aspiring to join the EU: do you really think this is all going to end well?

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